Project Aspis

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Project Aspis is a collaboration between Talos and hosting providers to identify and deter major threat actors. Talos shares its expertise, resources, and capabilities including network and system forensics, reverse engineering, and threat intelligence at no cost to the provider. As a result, major threat actors that cost providers significant amounts in fraudulent charges and in time spent managing abuse tickets, can be rapidly identified and thwarted.

This collaboration helps the hosting provider maintain a safe and cost effective environment, while assisting Talos in establishing the foundations necessary for quickly identifying and degrading large-scale threat actors and protecting our customers before a packet even reaches their network - helping build a safer Internet for everyone.

Project Aspis is open to any host provider. If you are interested in participating, email with the following information:

  • Dedicated point of contact with email and phone
  • A description of the situation you are facing
  • Any forensic information you can share up front
  • Any indicators of compromise you’re already leveraging