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Beers With Talos : Episode 111

Beers with Talos Ep. #111: Saying farewell to Craig and his killer robots

[Re-uploaded to fix an audio gap.] Yes, we’ve been sitting on this one for a while. But it’s worth it, we promise! We wanted to wait until we had more news to share, so it’s finally time to announce that Craig has left us. We will absolutely miss Craig, but look forward to the next act of Beers with Talos now that 2/5ths of the original crew is gone. We take the time to reminisce with Craig about his time at Talos and talk about this new trend of “bandwidth-sharing” applications. Stay tuned to BWT Ep. #112 where we’ll debut with a new host!

Hosted By:
Mitch Neff@MitchNeff
Joel Esler@JoelEsler and Matt Olney@kpyke
Run Time: 47:11

  • Honeygain
  • internet sharing
  • malware
  • spam
  • scams