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Talos Takes : Episode 94

Talos Takes Ep. #94: Everything you need to know about the BlackCat ransomware group

BlackCat, BlackMatter, DarkSide, BlackByte…it’s too hard to keep up with all these ransomware group names these days. So we’re here to break down one of these groups, BlackCat, for you so you can figure out what makes them actually memorable. Aliza Berk from our Talos Threat Intelligence & Interdiction team joins Jon Munshaw this week to talk about BlackCat and their ransomware that’s recently become a major player on the malware landscape. Aliza recently compiled our latest Threat Assessment Report on this group and assisted in our research around the group. Jon and Aliza discuss how the use of the Rust programming language and using triple extortion tactics make this group a threat.

Hosted By:
Jon Munshaw
Aliza Berk
Run Time: 08:19

  • BlackCat
  • ransomware
  • BlackMatter
  • malware
  • APTs