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Talos Takes : Episode 95

Talos Takes Ep. #95 (XL Edition): CTIR recaps last quarter's top threats

On this week’s episode of Talos Takes, we’re bringing you the recording of last week’s live stream with Cisco Talos Incident Response. Beers with Talos’ own Liz Waddell hosted the first in our new “On Air” series with CTIR, where she and her fellow Talosians recapped the previous quarter’s top threats. They run through the malware families CTIR saw most in the field and discussed other trends that threat actors are starting to adapt.

Hosted By:
Liz Waddell@vlsin
Caitlin Huey@hueylittle_er, Alexis Merritt, and Laurie Varner
Run Time: 39:16

  • CTIR
  • Incident Response
  • ransomware
  • malware