Community diagram showing intersection of information pulled from email, network, and web traffic.

Community Support

In addition to providing leading open-source security solutions, Talos is dedicated to improving threat detection by promoting an informed and collaborative security community.

Talos oversees multiple community resources including the Talos Reputation Center - the world's largest IP and domain monitoring network and SpamCop - the premier service for detecting and reporting spam. Additionally, the Talos Blog and Chalk Talk videos provide updated insight to the latest cyber threats and developments.

Cisco Talos Incident Response

Want boots-on-the-ground intelligence?

Reputation Center Support and Categorization Requests

If you own or have come across a domain, URL, or IP that you believe has the incorrect reputation, please submit a reputation adjustment ticket.

If you own or have come across a domain, URL, or IP that you believe has been improperly categorized or is missing a category, please submit a categorization ticket.

Snort Community

The power of Snort is due in large part to the influence and scope of the Snort user community.

ClamAV Community

Connect to the ClamAV community.


Determines the origin of unwanted email and reports it to the relevant service providers and helps feed spam filtering systems.