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Listen to Talos security experts as they dive into emerging threats, forcing the bad guys to innovate, hacking refrigerators, and other security issues, all with beer.

Latest Vulnerability Reports

New Zeroday Reports

Talos Report ID Vendor Report Date
TALOS-2018-0528 Hyland 2018-02-22
TALOS-2018-0527 Hyland 2018-02-22
TALOS-2018-0525 Foxit 2018-02-12
TALOS-2018-0526 Foxit 2018-02-12
TALOS-2018-0524 Pixar 2018-02-08

New Disclosed Vulnerabilities Reports

Talos Report ID Vendor CVE Number
TALOS-2017-0505 Adobe CVE-2018-4901
TALOS-2018-0515 Walt Disney CVE-2018-3835
TALOS-2018-0516 Leptonica CVE-2018-3836
TALOS-2017-0486 Tinysvcmdns CVE-2017-12130
TALOS-2017-0411 Blender CVE-2017-2904

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