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From trust to trickery: Brand impersonation over the email attack vector

Cisco recently developed and released a new feature to detect brand impersonation in emails when adversaries pretend to be a legitimate corporation. Learn More

Suspected CoralRaider continues to expand victimology using three information stealers

Talos also discovered a new PowerShell command-line argument embedded in the LNK file to bypass anti-virus products and download the final payload into the victims’ host. Learn More

OfflRouter virus causes Ukrainian users to upload confidential documents to VirusTotal

The documents contained malicious VBA code, indicating they may be used as lures to infect organizations.  Learn More

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Latest Talos Takes Podcast Episodes

May 17, 2024 | Ep. 184
Recapping RSA

Nicole Hoffman, fresh off her trip to the RSA Conference, joins host Jon Munshaw this week to talk about her major takeaways from the week in San Francisco. Nicole talks about how most of the discussions on the floor centered around AI, and what lessons other defenders are learning from some of our past mistakes. If you'd like to check out Nicole's other work, buy her children's cybersecurity books on Amazon. 

May 10, 2024 | Ep. 183
Why CoralRaider is looking to steal your login credentials

Joey Chen from Talos' Outreach team is here to tell us all about his research into the CoralRaider threat actor. He's helped write two posts on the recently discovered APT, disclosing new information about how this Vietnamese-based actor is targeting login credentials. After stealing those credentials, they go on to try and sell them on the dark web, or use them to try and brute force their way into more important accounts. Joey discusses what this actor is really after, and why they've been growing so quickly. 

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