Listen to Talos security experts as they dive into emerging threats, forcing the bad guys to innovate, hacking refrigerators, and other security issues, all with beer.

  • We Keep Your Network Safe

    Cisco Talos Intelligence Group is one of the largest commercial threat intelligence teams in the world, comprised of world-class researchers, analysts and engineers. These teams are supported by unrivaled telemetry and sophisticated systems to create accurate, rapid and actionable threat intelligence for Cisco customers, products and services. Talos defends Cisco customers against known and emerging threats, discovers new vulnerabilities in common software, and interdicts threats in the wild before they can further harm the internet at large. Talos maintains the official rule sets of, ClamAV, and SpamCop, in addition to releasing many open-source research and analysis tools.

  • Comprehensive Threat Intelligence

    Talos was formed by combining SourceFire’s Vulnerability Research Team, the Cisco Threat Research and Communications group, and the Cisco Secure Applications Group. The combined expertise is backed by a sophisticated infrastructure, and Cisco’s unrivaled telemetry of data that spans across networks, endpoints, cloud environments, virtual systems, and daily web and email traffic.

  • Fostering an Informed Community

    Talos utilizes its extensive threat intelligence to make the internet safer for everyone. A variety of free software, services, resources and data are available to the public, including official rule sets and communities. Additionally, Talos promotes an informed security community, posting information on new threats and research on the Talos Blog, ThreatSource newsletter, social media, and on the Beers with Talos podcast, with new episodes posted biweekly.