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Threats, Beers, and No Silver Bullets

Listen to Talos security experts as they bring their hot takes on current security topics and Talos research to the table. Along the way Mitch, Liz, Matt and a rotating chair of special guests will talk about anything (and we mean anything) that's on their minds, from the latest YouTube trends to Olympic curling etiquette. New episodes every other Thursday.

Latest Episode

Oh hello, "Susan"

Mitch was out for this recording, so Hazel Burton, the newest addition to Team Talos, stepped in to host this episode! She, Lurene and Matt got together for Mental Health Awareness Month and share stories and advice with one another. Cybersecurity is a notoriously rough field for burnout and an imbalance between work and life, so they share some tips they use to decompress after a long day and how they ignore their inner critics. 

Talos Takes

Talos’ spin on security news

Every week, host Jon Munshaw brings on a new guest from Talos or the broader Cisco Secure world to break down a complicated security topic in just five or 10 minutes. We cover everything from breaking news to attacker trends and emerging threats.

Latest Episode

The Predator spyware and more "mercenary" groups

Despite governments' best efforts, spyware is still running rampant on the threat landscape. These types of tracking malware are used to target high-profile individuals like politicians, activists, journalists and more — and even sometimes for jealous exes to track their former partners. Asheer Malhotra, who recently dissected the Predator spyware, joins Talos Takes this week to talk about Predator and its associated tool, Alien. Asheer shares new technical details about this spyware and discusses why "mercenary" spyware groups are on the rise.

If listeners suspect their system(s) may have been compromised by commercial spyware, please consider notifying Talos’ research team at talos-mercenary-spyware-help@external.cisco.com to assist in furthering the community’s knowledge of these threats.