Vulnerability Information

Talos investigates software and operating system vulnerabilities in order to discover them before malicious threat actors do. We provide this information to vendors so that they can create patches and protect their customers as soon as possible.

Zero-Day Vulnerabilities

Latest Zero-Day Vulnerability Reports
Talos Report ID Vendor Report Date
TALOS-2021-1296 Accusoft 2021-05-10
TALOS-2021-1290 AT&T 2021-04-30
TALOS-2021-1278 AT&T 2021-04-30
TALOS-2021-1280 AT&T 2021-04-30
TALOS-2021-1279 AT&T 2021-04-30
TALOS-2021-1291 AT&T 2021-04-30
TALOS-2021-1292 AT&T 2021-04-30
TALOS-2021-1293 AT&T 2021-04-30
TALOS-2021-1294 Foxit 2021-04-28
TALOS-2021-1286 Accusoft 2021-04-28

Disclosed Vulnerabilities

Latest Disclosed Vulnerability Reports
Talos Report ID Vendor CVE Number
TALOS-2021-1233 Adobe CVE-2021-28562
TALOS-2021-1287 Foxit CVE-2021-21822
TALOS-2020-1142 Systemd CVE-2020-13529
TALOS-2020-1220 Prusa Research CVE-2020-28596
TALOS-2020-1219 Prusa Research CVE-2020-28595
TALOS-2020-1222 Prusa Research CVE-2020-28598
TALOS-2020-1160 Synology CVE-2021-26564, CVE-2021-26565, CVE-2021-26566
TALOS-2020-1159 Synology CVE-2021-26560, CVE-2021-26561, CVE-2021-26562
TALOS-2020-1216 Cosori CVE-2020-28592
TALOS-2020-1217 Cosori CVE-2020-28593