Vulnerability Information

Talos investigates software and operating system vulnerabilities in order to discover them before malicious threat actors do. We provide this information to vendors so that they can create patches and protect their customers as soon as possible.

Zeroday Vulnerabilities

Latest Zeroday Vulnerability Reports
Talos Report ID Vendor Report Date
TALOS-2019-0779 Nvidia 2019-02-13
TALOS-2019-0780 Antenna House 2019-02-13
TALOS-2019-0778 Adobe 2019-02-11
TALOS-2019-0777 Sqlite3 2019-02-01
TALOS-2019-0775 KCodes 2019-02-01
TALOS-2019-0776 Kcodes 2019-02-01
TALOS-2019-0773 Pixar Renderman 2019-02-01
TALOS-2019-0774 Adobe 2019-02-01
TALOS-2019-0769 Schneider Electric 2019-01-29
TALOS-2019-0767 Schneider Electric 2019-01-29

Disclosed Vulnerabilities

Latest Disclosed Vulnerability Reports
Talos Report ID Vendor CVE Number
TALOS-2018-0714 Adobe CVE-2019-7039
TALOS-2018-0649 ACD Systems CVE-2018-3981
TALOS-2018-0638 ACD Systems CVE-2018-3973
TALOS-2018-0642 ACD Systems CVE-2018-3976
TALOS-2018-0648 ACD Systems CVE-2018-3980
TALOS-2018-0659 WIBU-SYSTEMS CVE-2018-3991
TALOS-2018-0657 WIBU-SYSTEMS CVE-2018-3989
TALOS-2018-0658 WIBU-SYSTEMS CVE-2018-3990
TALOS-2019-0758 Python CVE-2019-5010
TALOS-2018-0615 Apple CVE-2018-4421