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Cisco Talos Incident Response (CTIR) provides a full suite of proactive and emergency services to help you prepare, respond and recover from a breach. CTIR enables 24-hour emergency response capabilities and direct access to Cisco Talos, the world's largest threat intelligence and research group.

Let our experts work with you to bolster your defenses and provide rapid assistance when you need it most.

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Greater Visibility

Unmatched security capabilities faciliated by the largest telemetry and partner network in the industry

Threat Intelligence

Access to the full breadth of Talos, backed by the most-trusted responder and analysts, via Insights on Demand

Faster Response

Operational rigor and advanced tooling to apply global threat intelligence targeted at your organization

What's Included

The best response begins before an emergency occurs. Our proactive services strengthen your security posture whether you are planning or testing your capabilities. If you require emergency assistance, our global responders are engaged within hours.

Emergency Incident Response

Get 24/7/365 coordination and command, forensic investigation, expert guidance and response to any security incident -- backed by our intelligence with comprehensive after-action reporting.

CTIR Plans & Playbooks

Develop customized playbooks based on the threats most relevant to your organization. These playbooks are part of the overall triage and response process to specific threats.

CTIR Readiness Assessments

In depth review of the existing Incident Response capabilities within the organization, evaluate organizational security foundations and understand the current ability to communicate during an incident as well as detect, respond, and recover from a security incident.

Tabletop Exercises

Practice custom-designed scenarios that allow different levels of the organization to better learn the variables of their role during an incident, ensuring the plan and playbooks are clearly understood and effective.

Compromise Assessments

Taking a broad view of the organization, this is a high-level assessment of the network and its systems to identify typical signs of compromise. Discover what is lurking below the surface and what approaches can be taken to further investigate any vulnerabilities.

Threat Hunting

A review of specific areas of an organization's network and its systems for indicators of potential compromise. Threat hunting is hypothesis-driven and backed by the most current threat intelligence available from Talos.

Cyber Range Training

Immerse security staff in a three-day, hands-on workshop that prepares defenders to respond to security incidents using digital forensic and incident response (DFIR) techniques with practical, real world exercises.

Network Security Architecture Assessments

Assess the network in the context of your business and technical requirements. NSAA identifies architectural and systemic weaknesses before they become business-limiting problems.

Intelligence On-Demand

Request intelligence updates and net-new custom research based on relevant contextual factors. This unique service is the only way to unlock direct access to Talos Intelligence Analysts.

Purple Team

Determine what can be detected — and prevented — with real attacks simulated cooperatively with the Cisco Red Team designed to test your blue team and the organization's security. Purple-team exercises provide low-risk "real-world" engagement experience for defenders and security leaders.