Cisco Talos Incident Response

Cisco Talos Incident Response provides a full suite of proactive and reactive services to help you prepare, respond and recover from a breach. With Talos IR, you have direct access to the same threat intelligence available to Cisco and world-class emergency response capabilities — in addition to more than 350 threat researchers for questions and analysis. Let our experts work with you to evaluate existing plans, develop a new plan, and provide rapid assistance when you need it most.

Incident Response Retainer Services

Emergency Incident Response
I need help right now
Leveraging your IR on Demand capability via our live secure platform: Cisco Webex Teams
IR Plans & Playbooks
I need a plan for when an incident occurs
Develop a Security Incident Response Process to support coordinated response and communications for information security incidents.
IR Readiness Assessments
Am I missing anything needed to respond?
Understanding the organization’s readiness to detect, respond, and recover from a significant Information Security incident
Tabletop Exercises
I need to know we will respond correctly
Practicing for a cyber incident to ensure the organization’s IR plan and common threat playbooks are effective and well understood.
Compromise Assessments
Am I currently compromised?
(Broad view)
A more holistic view of an organization, that does not rely on a hypothesis or limited scope. Given the breadth of the review, diving deep is generally not possible.
Threat Hunting
Am I currently compromised?
(Focus view)
Threat Hunting requires a hypothesis, and scope is limited by that hypothesis. Hunters will also tend to dive much deeper into possible findings to either validate or eliminate them.
Cyber Range Training
I need to build skills to combat cyberthreats
Three-day immersive workshop targeted at training your defenders in a controlled environment to prepare and respond to the latest attacks using open source and Cisco Security solutions.

For more on Incident Response’s new relationship with Talos, check out the announcement blog post here.

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