Immunet is a malware and antivirus protection system that utilizes cloud computing and social networking to provide enhanced community-based security.

Fast Standalone Antivirus Software

Immunet leverages the speed of cloud computing to deliver real-time protection to your PC.

Light Antivirus

Immunet is up to 35 times lighter than traditional antivirus solutions.

Real-Time Antivirus

Immunet provides cloud-based protection that is always up-to-date against malware including viruses, spyware, bots, worms, trojans, and keyloggers without slowing down your PC. No need to download any virus signature files!

Companion Antivirus

Immunet Free Antivirus, a free antivirus download, is compatible with existing antivirus products to help protect you better. Add an extra, lightweight layer of protection for free.

Community Antivirus

Immunet's Collective Immunity™ technology protects all users the instant that a virus is detected on one PC. Add people to the Immunet Community to help make the web a safer place for socializing, shopping and productivity.