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If you’re experiencing a cybersecurity incident, contact Cisco Talos Incident Response immediately.

Talos IR emergency experts are available 24-hours a day.


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Intel on Demand

Real-time intelligence

The Talos IR Intel on Demand (IoD) service bolsters your security team’s ability to identify and investigate threats by providing up-to-date insights into emergent and relevant threats to your organization. This service provides your team actionable information to supplement your in-house intelligence, enabling your organization to get ahead of potential threats.

Actionable information improves security

The Talos IR team will work with you to confirm business objectives and gather background information needed to inform findings from Talos’ available intelligence. Investigations will be conducted using a variety of telemetry and intelligence sources to collate results into actionable outcomes. A Talos IR team member will meet with you to deliver and discuss findings.

What does this include?

  • Direct access to Talos Intelligence security analysts
    who will consult with you to provide an in-depth review of the latest research relevant to your organization.
  • Custom research based on topics
    ranging from specific vulnerabilities, exploits, threat actors, malware, to recommended best practices, and security technologies for optimal protection.
  • Greater insight into current and emerging intelligence details,
    empowering your security team to drive change and improve defenses.

Intel on demand case study

  • Challenge

    • An industry-wide cybersecurity incident takes place.
    • An overwhelming amount of government and private-sector guidance becomes available.
    • Unclear if organization is at risk or affected.
    • If affected, unclear how to prioritize mitigation actions.
  • Solution

    • Talos IR Intel on Demand (IoD), which provides:
      • A briefing on available intel from the event.
      • A listing of related indicators of compromise.
      • A plan of action for mitigation.
      • An overview of related product alerts.
  • Outcomes

    • Additional context from available intelligence provides increased awareness and confidence.
    • Prioritized recommendations for mitigation actions, inform path forward.
    • Seamless transition into a Talos IR Compromise Assessment or Emergency Response if research produces indicators of compromise.

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Security expertise at your fingertips

When you partner with Cisco Talos Incident Response, you ensure your organization has direct access to unique and actionable threat intelligence, world-class emergency response capabilities, and unmatched expertise to help you be prepared for current and future threats.

Interested in this service?

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